Executive Board

President: Jaedon Huie

jaedon-bioJaedon Huie is a senior majoring in financial economics with solid plans of attending law school to become a corporate attorney.  His senior season will be his fourth and final year with UMBC Mock Trial.  Jaedon started mock trial at UMBC in his first semester as an attorney and has served as a captain each year on the team. Starting last year, Jaedon began trying witness roles as well.  Jaedon won a top attorney award at the Blue Jay Invitational tournament at Elizabethtown College and plans to keep them coming this year!  When Jaedon isn’t mocking or reading case material, he spends his time tutoring college students in math and economics and coaching the local high school mock trial team.


  • Outstanding Attorney: Elizabethtown College Blue Jay Invitational, 2016

Vice-President: Summer Akhtar

summer-bioSummer Akhtar is a senior double majoring in Financial Economics and Political Science. Her favorite thing to do in her spare time is eat, but since she can’t make a career out of that, her plan is to become an attorney after graduating in the Spring of 2018. Though she’s not entirely sure what kind of attorney she wants to be, she fell in love with trial advocacy two years ago, her first year on UMBC’s Mock Trial Team. For the past two years, she has acted as a defense attorney. What once started out as a hobby has now become her passion, and she can’t wait to see where Mock Trial takes her! When she’s not constantly refreshing her internet browser eagerly awaiting case changes, you can find her working at the Career Center, studying, sleeping, or Netflixing (probably one of the latter two).


  • All-Region Attorney: AMTA Stevenson Regional, 2018
  • Outstanding Attorney, Duke University Tobacco Road Invitational, 2017
  • Outstanding Attorney, Johns Hopkins University Blue Jay Invitational, 2017

Treasurer: Shoba Kadavil

shoba-bio-photoShoba Kadavil is a senior double majoring in Economics and Political Science. She plans on pursuing law school after she graduates in the Spring of 2018. She stumbled upon UMBC Mock Trial through her roommate and decided to go for it. It’s been three years and she couldn’t imagine her college career without it. As UMBC Mock Trial’s secretary, she has the privilege of using her tech saviness to promote the program through social media. Shoba has performed both as a witness and an attorney and is thrilled to continue growing as a leader. When she’s not mocking, she’s a full-time program director of the Global Brigades Human Rights program at UMBC, where she works with other volunteers and attorneys to provide legal assistance to indigenous communities in Panama. You can also find her tutoring students in math and reading at Kumon or most probably binge-watching Scandal on Netflix.

Secretary: Kaitlyn Kauffman

IMG_1604 (1)Kaitlyn Kauffman is a sophomore Sondheim Scholar majoring in Political Science and minoring in Legal Policy from Cumberland, MD. She fell in love with Mock Trial her sophomore year of high school and she has performed both as an attorney and a witness in the following years. Although unsure of how she wants to spend her time after receiving her undergraduate degree, she knows that she would like to have some involvement in either the legal field or in governmental operations. She spends her time outside of mock trial as a manager at Regal Waugh Chapel, drinking coffee, or… probably doing more mock trial.


  • Outstanding Witness: Temple University Hooter Invitational, 2016

Recruitment Chair: Ethan Hudson

award-yeeahEthan Hudson is a sophomore English major with a minor in Legal Policy. Ethan started doing Mock Trial in high school after encouragement from a classmate. He began as an expert witness and moved his way up a closing attorney spot the next year. Ethan helped Franklin High School reach state finals where they would eventually finish 2nd out of over 120 teams in the state in 2016. Ethan serves as an assistant coach for Catonsville High School Mock Trial and is now an opening attorney on the Defense for UMBC. He recently won his first attorney award as a freshman at the Charm City Classic co-hosted by UMBC and Stevenson University. He hopes this is the first of many and hopes to continue participating in Mock Trial for as long as possible.


  • Outstanding Attorney: Fordham University Sapientia et Doctrina IX, 2017
  • Outstanding Attorney: Charm City Classic Mock Trial Invitational, 2017


Lily Felber

hipster-mcglassesLily Felber is a rising senior who is double majoring in Political Science and Global Studies, with a minor in Arabic Language and Culture. After graduating in 2018, she’d like to join the Peace Corps, attend graduate school, and work in international relations or international human rights. She got involved in mock trial at the suggestion of her best friend, because of mock trial’s similarity to theater, and she completely fell in love with it. The best thing about mock trial for her is its collaborative aspect, in that it’s absolutely crucial for teammates to work together cohesively in order to perform well. She’s also found mock trial to be so helpful in terms of improving public speaking and communication skills. A few things she enjoys doing in her free time are playing piano, volunteering at a local animal shelter, and devouring books. She’s won two awards as a witness, but her impression of Edith Piaf singing the Imperial March from Star Wars has been tragically underappreciated.


  • All-Region Witness: AMTA Stevenson Regional, 2018
  • Outstanding Witness: Georgetown University Hilltop Invitational, 2017
  • All-Region Witness: AMTA Baltimore Regional, 2016
  • Outstanding Witness: Charm City Classic Mock Trial Invitational, 2016

Krishna Gohel


  • Outstanding Witness: Georgetown University Hilltop Invitational, 2018


Sam Dhawan

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-9-25-16-pmSam Dhawan is a junior at UMBC and is currently studying Financial Economics and Legal Policy. He plans to graduate from UMBC in 2019 and attend law school. This is Sam’s second season as a mocker and he is a captain of the B team. He won a top attorney award at the Elizabethtown Blue Jay Invitational and became the first mocker at UMBC to earn a perfect 20 ranks as an attorney. Sam is also part of the first B team at UMBC to earn an ORCS bid (which took many, many, hours of hard work and dedication). Outside of Mock Trial and school work, Sam enjoys watching the Washington sports teams let him down year after year.


  • All-Region Witness: AMTA Stevenson Regional, 2018
  • Outstanding Attorney: Elizabethtown College Blue Jay Invitational, 2016

Nihir Nanavaty

Nihir Nanavaty is a junior at UMBC, studying Political Science, Music, and Legal Policy. Nihir hopes to graduate UMBC in May 2019. This is Nihir’s first season as a member of the mock trial team, but he has had experience with Mock Trial through high school competition. Outside of mock trial, Nihir is involved in music and theatre, and is a member of the Pre-Law society. Nihir has been studying Operatic singing for the past four and a half years with several private instructors in the area and at the University. Outside of school and extracurriculars, Nihir is an absolute diehard Washington Wizards, Washington Redskins, and Washington Nationals fanatic. Nihir hopes to one day use all these skills learned through mock trial and his time at UMBC and attend law school.


  • Outstanding Witness: Charm City Classic Mock Trial Invitational, 2017


Justin Connor

justin-bio-photoJustin Connor is a sophomore majoring in Philosophy with an eventual goal of going to law school. Justin did Mock Trial all four years of high school and was actually planning on taking a break from it in college. But then Justin met members of the team and they were so inviting and encouraging that Justin decided to try out anyway and ended up making the team. College Mock Trial is almost a different ball game and if it wasn’t for the help of Justin’s teammates, Justin would have definitely gotten lost trying to figure out how to play. Justin hopes to be a friend and mentor to future Mockers, just as this year’s team members have been to him.


Sydney Gaskins


  • All-Region Attorney: AMTA Stevenson Regional, 2018
  • Outstanding Attorney: Cornell University Big Red Invitational Classic, 2018
  • Outstanding Attorney: Rutgers University Scarlet Knight Invitational, 2017

Brandon Henry

Evan Kellner


  • Outstanding Witness: Cornell University Big Red Invitational Classic, 2018

Thomas Kiley

Jacqui Nowell 

jacqui bio photoJacqui Nowell is currently a freshman majoring in psychology and minoring in dance. She has an interest in law and is considering law school in the future. Jacqui loves Mock Trial and hopes to continue participating in the program throughout college. Currently, Jacqui is enjoying playing a variety of witnesses! From her background as a dancer she loves to be dramatic and is thrilled to find an intersection between that and the law. In her free time, Jacqui loves to dance, read, and make jewelry.

Quinn Weir

unnamedQuinn Weir is a freshman at UMBC, majoring in Paramedicine. She is an EMT of 3 years and wants to one day be an Officer and Tactical Paramedic for the Washington State FBI SWAT and SRT teams, and a Search/Rescue Medic and Firefighter for the U.S. National Guard. Although she has no interest in law school, she loves mock trial and enjoys the public speaking aspect of it. She currently acts as a Prosecution attorney for the team.