UMBC Mock Trial

Welcome to the home for UMBC’s nationally ranked Mock Trial program!

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is exactly what it sounds like – a “mock” trial! Every year in August, the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) releases a case packet that contains a full court case, including witness statements, evidence, and legal authorities. Our teams prepare both sides of the case – the prosecution/plaintiff and the defense – and present the case against other schools at weekend tournaments around the country. As a competing member of Mock Trial, you might play an attorney, a witness, or both! Mock Trial is the most rewarding and challenging activity you will find at UMBC, and our teams travel up and down the east coast for competitions in the fall and spring each year.

Should I join Mock Trial?

In a word: yes! Whether you’re interested in law school, you enjoy public speaking (or want to get better at it), or you’re just that person who won’t give up in an argument, Mock Trial is a fantastic place to find your place on campus. We are a diverse and welcoming group of students from different majors, backgrounds, and interests, and we’d love to have you join our team. You don’t need any prior experience and you don’t need to be interested in law school; you just need a willingness to learn and work hard. There’s no better place to be at UMBC than on our Mock Trial Team.