2016-17 Results

2016-17 Season:

DTLA National Championship Tournament:

  • UMBC A: 3-9
  • All-American Attorney: Brandon James
  • All-American Witness: Alex Ezigbo

Wilmington, Delaware Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS):

  • UMBC A: 5-3, bid to the National Championship Tournament
  • UMBC B: 4-4

Baltimore, Maryland Regional Tournament:

  • UMBC A: 5-3, open bid to the Delaware ORCS
  • UMBC B: 5-3, bid to the Delaware ORCS

Georgetown University Hilltop Invitational Tournament:

  • UMBC A: 5-3
  • Outstanding Attorney: Brandon James
  • Outstanding Witness: Lily Felber

Charm City Classic Mock Trial Invitational:

  • UMBC B: 5-3, 4th place
  • Outstanding Attorney: Ethan Hudson
  • Outstanding Witnesses: Nihir Nanvaty, Evan Avila

Johns Hopkins University Blue Jay Invitational:

  • UMBC A: 5-2-1, 4th place
  • UMBC B: 3-5
  • Outstanding Attorney: Summer Akhtar
  • Outstanding Witness: Kayla Smith

Temple University Hooter Invitational:

  • UMBC A: 5-2-1, 5th place
  • Outstanding Attorney: Zuhair Riaz
  • Outstanding Witnesses: Kayla Smith, Kaitlyn Kauffman

William & Mary Colonial Classic Invitational Tournament:

  • UMBC A: 3-5
  • Outstanding Witness: Kayla Smith

Elizabethtown College Blue Jay Invitational Tournament:

  • UMBC B: 6-2, 3rd place
  • Outstanding Attorneys: Sambhav Dhawan, Jaedon Huie
  • Outstanding Witness: Evan Avila

Drexel University Market Street Invitational Tournament:

  • UMBC A: 6-2, 4th place
  • Outstanding Attorney: Dylan Rogers Elliott
  • Outstanding Witness: Kayla Smith